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Treat your skin with CYNOGLOW

Specialized for acne, spots, dark circles, complexion radiance and many imperfections.

Now available exclusively in Morocco at DFM dermo-esthetic Art’s clinic

Important takeaways

“CYNOGLOW” is increasingly used worldwide because it allows you to instantly obtain clearer, more radiant skin without side effects.


Cynoglow is a laser treatment that combines Picosure Pro and Potenza to give you smoother, more radiant skin without spots or scars.

Cynoglow is a treatment approved by the FDA-USA, which combines two (2) different medical technologies (PicoSure and Potenza).


Concretely, if you have a problem with acne, hyperpigmentation, dull complexion, enlarged pores, spots, scars, etc.


1-The Picosure laser: will erase your spots and remove your scars by stimulating collagen thanks to its Picosecond technology.


2-The Potenza laser: will then tighten your pores and provide mesotherapy without needles thanks to its very advanced RF microneedling technology.

Some treatments that Cynoglow can do for you

Permanently tighten enlarged facial pores and improve skin radiance

Effectively treat severe acne, bring out skin radiance and even out skin tone

Permanently remove age spots, reduce wrinkles and even out skin tone

Quickly remove Melasma hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone

Effectively remove café-au-lait spots on the chest and give radiance to the complexion

Remove hyperpigmentation spots, even out skin tone and firm facial skin


DFM medical Art's clinic is the first in Morocco and among the first in the world to be selected to offer the Cynoglow treatment.

While its PicoSure laser effectively targets lesions to repair the skin, Potenza’s RF Microneedling helps improve skin texture and tone, improving overall results.



Cynoglow is recommended for you if you want to have better results than with bbglow and over a long period, especially:

  • Permanently remove stains, scars.
  • Even out the complexion and bring out the radiance of the skin.
  • Eliminate acne problems.
  • Fight against pigmentation.
  • Erase stubborn lines and wrinkles.
  • Revitalize and renew the skin.
  • Eliminate melasma.
  • Remove a tattoo (eyebrow and body).


DFM Art's clinic Dermatology and premium aesthetic medicine
Cynoglow Specialist

At DFM, all our employees are well trained. We regularly update ourselves on the latest dermatological innovations.

We pay a lot of attention to the pleasant setting and Zen decoration.

Our premium clinic is equipped with the latest generation materials, equipment and machines to ensure comfort, quality and results.

Discretion, professionalism, smile, advice: our team will offer you adequate treatment in an atmosphere conducive to health and well-being.

4 reasons to choose Cynoglow, the new treatment popular worldwide


FDA-USA approved treatment

PicoSure and Potenza are the first devices authorized by the FDA to treat skin problems (such as acne, melasma, etc.) and to even out skin tone.


Targets a wide range of skin conditions

Cynoglow removes unwanted pigments on different skin types, fades wrinkles, fine lines and freckles, removes scars, improves skin tone and texture.


Treats skin better and faster

Comparative studies show that Cynoglow is more effective than Bbglow and other traditional treatments when it comes to treating the skin and improving complexion.


Zero downtime and reduced risk

Cynoglow offers a reduced risk of side effects.



Cynoglow is effective in treating imperfections of:

  • Face.
  • Neck.
  • Neckline (throat, shoulder and upper chest).
  • Back of arms.
  • Hands.

The number of sessions of a Cynoglow treatment depends on the condition of your skin. Most of the time 3 to 4 sessions are necessary to obtain optimal results.

Depending on the number of areas to be treated, a Cynoglow treatment session can be done in as little as an hour, but you will also need to allow an additional 20 minutes for the numbing cream to activate.

Bbglow gives you temporary results and Cynoglow gives you permanent results.

Example: if you have a problem with a stain on your face, the bbglow will hide this stain for a certain period of time, then when the effects fade the stain will reappear. (bbglow acts a bit like makeup).
On the other hand, cynoglow will first treat and remove the stain permanently, then it will improve your complexion and the radiance of your skin.

Carried out at DFM medical Art's clinic by our expert dermatologists

Our team is made up of expert dermatologists in their field, who approach all skin care with competence and comprehensiveness.

During your journey at DFM Medical Art’s clinic, we guarantee you state-of-the-art care based on the latest medical and scientific advancements.

We will be able to give you beautiful, fresh and healthy skin.


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