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Microblading / Microshading

Our ultimate solution for permanent eyebrow makeup

Now available exclusively in Morocco at DFM medical Art’s clinic

Important takeaways

Microblading and microshading are semi-permanent eyebrow makeup techniques with different results.

Microblading and microshading are semi-permanent makeup treatments that allow you to reshape your eyebrows in a lasting way using pigments placed under the skin.

More precisely, the difference between microblading and microshading is in the way of inserting the pigment, because this is what allows you to have different results.

Depending on your needs, our eyebrow expert will be able to recommend you.
Result obtained with Microblading Well-defined, discreet and not very dense eyebrow.
MICROBLADING FROM DFM MEDICAL The main advantage of microblading, it allows you to trace the eyebrows while maintaining a very natural appearance Microblading is recommended for you if:
  • You don’t have time to make up your eyebrows every day
  • You want to have well-defined eyebrows but not too dense
  • You want semi-permanent eyebrow makeup that lasts approximately 1 year.
DFM MEDICAL’S MICROSHADING The main advantage of microshading, it allows you to trace the eyebrows creating a shading effect like a pencil Microblading is recommended for you if:
  • You are looking for a solution that allows you to always have makeup on your eyebrows.
  • You want to bring intensity to the eyebrows and eyes.
  • You want semi-permanent eyebrow makeup that lasts approximately 1 year.


Result obtained with Microshading Well defined eyebrow, striking and dense as if you had used an eyebrow pencil.

Permanent laser hair removal to solve your 3 needs

For a natural and glamorous result for your eyebrows, it is possible to combine the two techniques. This is what we call “mixed eyebrow” or “micropigmentation”. This treatment generally consists of microblading at the head of the eyebrow and microshading on the rest of the line.


Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

1 200 Dh

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

MicroPigmentation (combination eyebrows)
1 500 Dh

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

1 800 Dh


It is suitable for people who are looking for a solution to have harmonious eyebrow lines accompanied by a beautiful look.

  • Restructure poorly shaped eyebrows.
  • Thicken eyebrows.
  • Improve the beauty of the eyes.
  • No longer having to do eyebrow makeup all the time.


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At DFM, all our employees are well trained. We regularly update ourselves on the latest dermatological innovations.

We pay a lot of attention to the pleasant setting and Zen decoration.

Our premium clinic is equipped with the latest generation materials, equipment and machines to ensure comfort, quality and results.

Discretion, professionalism, smile, advice: our team will offer you adequate treatment in an atmosphere conducive to health and well-being.


Microblading and microshading consists of making semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, which means that they fade on their own after a certain time.

On the other hand, eyebrow tattooing is permanent makeup that lasts for life and can only be removed with laser tattoo removal.

Without retouching, microblading/microshading generally fades after a year and a half. This obviously depends on each individual, hygiene, skin type, etc.

A first touch-up is carried out 1 month after microblading or microshading, because the healing will fade the pigment. At DFM medical, the first touch-up is included in your pack.

Then, it’s best to do a touch-up every year to allow your makeup to last as long as you want.

Eyebrow tattooing takes between a week and 10 days to heal. However, it will take 3 or even 4 weeks for the color to be well stabilized, to see the final result and for the scars to have disappeared. It is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun for a very long time, to promote faster healing.

Microblading / microshading is not very painful even if small needles are used, it does not cause real pain. Unlike eyebrow tattooing which is very painful.

After the microblading/microshading session, there will be some redness from the needle, but it subsides quickly.

Microblading fades naturally without retouching. To remove it, you can just wait.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait and remove it immediately, you can also have your eyebrows oxidized at DFM medical to remove the coloring.

Carried out at DFM medical Art's clinic by our expert dermatologists

Our team is made up of expert dermatologists in their field, who approach all skin care with competence and comprehensiveness.

During your journey at DFM Medical Art’s clinic, we guarantee you state-of-the-art care based on the latest medical and scientific advancements.

We will be able to give you beautiful, fresh and healthy skin.


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