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Bring back your beauty

At DFM medical Art's clinic

Premium dermatology and aesthetic medicine

Sculpt you
Find an appearance
that gives you confidence
Enhance your
face and skin

Our golden rule!

The face and skin with which you came into the world are unique, that’s why rather than transforming your face or body, we prefer to “eliminate what is out of place”and highlight its strengths.

At DFM medical esthetic at Arts clinic, we choose to work gradually and opt for small touches that make the difference


Dark spots and pigmentation


Aging of the skin

Sculpt the face without surgery

Acne problem

Enlarged pores

Skin problems

Tattoo removals

Eliminate fat and cellulite

Permanent hair removal

Double chin


Épilation laser

Pour avoir une peau belle, douce et agréable au toucher.

Filler - Botox Skinbooster

Pour redonner un aspect naturellement plus lisse à votre peau et combler les rides.

Potenza / Picosure

Pour enlever toutes sortes de tâches, tatouages et les cicatrices sur le visage et le corps.


Pour enlever vos excès de graisse et tonifier votre corps.

Mésothérapie cheveux

Pour traiter la chute de cheveux et favoriser la repousse capillaire.


Remove stains for all skin colors in summer and winter

Scars, spots including solar lentigo, melasma and tattoos anywhere on the body at any time of the year.

Destroy fat without surgery

We have the latest cutting-edge technologies for comprehensive treatment of the silhouette and sagging skin.

Removing hair for all skin colors in summer and winter

100% medical laser hair removal is a definitive solution suitable for all skin types for men and women.



Treatments at the cutting edge of medical technology Make your skin and your silhouette sublime without changing your image. This is our principle at DFM medical aesthetic at Art’s Clinic, which is why we have chosen the world number 1 in aesthetic technology: the American brand Cynosure.
Gentle, non-surgical treatments in a relaxing and luxurious setting. Eager to welcome its patients while granting them all the privilege they deserve, DFM Medical Esthetic at Art’s Clinic has built its setting based on Art, a symbol of beauty, luxury, and refinement. Entering Arts clinic means living a unique experience, taking a privileged moment for yourself where you become the center of attention.


Dermatology, Slimming, Aesthetic Medicine...

More than 17 years of experience



Our Cynosure lasers

Elite+ hair removal laser.
Picosure Laser CO2 Ultrafine (tattoo removal laser).
RF KUicroneedling Potenza.
Slimming lasers (Sculpsure, Tempsure and Stimsure).


Facelift without surgery

Endolift, tensor threads, ... As its name suggests, it is used to give your skin a smooth and taut appearance without resorting to surgery.


Aesthetic injections

Filler, botulinum toxin, jawline contouring, ... DFM Medical esthetic has the latest generation therapeutic arsenal to rejuvenate your skin.


On the surface of the skin

Hydrafacial, microneedling, mesotherapy, peeling... are different treatments offered at DFM to remove spots, pimples, and fine lines.

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Et découvrez le type de soins qui correspond à vos besoins


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Testimonials from Happy Customers

Our aesthetic medicine and dermatology clinic in Casablanca is a haven of beauty and well-being!

With our commitment to excellence, we are proud to count among our satisfied customers individuals coming from all regions of Morocco and from various international backgrounds.

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing cutting-edge services, personalized to meet the unique needs of each patient.

IF you are looking for the best dermatologist in Casablanca, join our growing community who trust our expertise to enhance your natural beauty and ensure unparalleled satisfaction.
15:03 28 Nov 23
zouhour sanaazouhour sanaa
15:53 31 Oct 23
Dr Fadwa Maliani je vous remercie énormément pour votre professionalisme votre expertise votre soutien votre humanité… une personne très calme et donne tout son temps à ses patients et trèsdouce avec les enfants. Cabinet propre et matériel de la dernière génération…je vous la recommande à 10000 %
Zineb BoudaouineZineb Boudaouine
14:34 25 Oct 23
J’ai récemment eu l’occasion de recevoir un traitement chez doc fadwa , et je ne peux pas être plus satisfaite L utilisation de docteur de la toute dernière génération de lasers est impressionnante.Les résultats sont excellents, l équipe est compétente et attentionnée , et l’ensemble de l’expérience a été très positive 👌🏼
Sara KoubbaSara Koubba
10:59 25 Oct 23
Docteur Fadwa Maliani est une vraie professionnelle avec une grande expérience et beaucoup d’expertise, un esprit de communication très attentive, compétente, une merveille,Je la recommande vivement.Bravo et bonne continuation Docteur
Adil TajmouatiAdil Tajmouati
09:05 25 Oct 23
A recommander!!!!Équipe très professionnelle avec un plateau laser de dernière génération !!!Très bonne continuation
Kone SoryKone Sory
13:26 24 Oct 22
Le docteur Fadwa Maliani est très calme, rassurante et claire, elle prend le temps d’expliquer la procédure et les soins post-opératoire à effectuer (donc on n’est pas anxieux, ni avant ni pendant ni après). C’est un médecin très humain, qui a une vraie considération pour son patient.

Frequently asked questions to Dr Maliani dermatologist in Casablanca

Why consult a dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a doctor who treats all skin problems. The dermatologist, often called a dermatologist, has followed special studies to examine, treat and anticipate the various diseases affecting the scalp, nails, epidermis, mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals (in particular sexually transmitted diseases). In some cases, the dermatologist intervenes in the treatment of tumors or skin cancer.

The dermatologist is also an aesthetic doctor because he is competent to correct skin defects caused by the after-effects of illnesses, climate changes or even age.

When to consult a dermatologist?

He uses different means of treatment including laser and botulinum toxin injections.

You should consider consulting a dermatologist as soon as you notice anything unusual on your skin, on your nails, on your hair or on your private parts (such as a spot, redness, an infected pimple, etc.).

Does the dermatologist take care of children and adolescents?

Yes, in the event of skin problems in a child or teenager, you can contact a dermatologist. The most common diseases treated in a child or teenager by a dermatologist are chickenpox, acne, eczema and measles.

What is the difference between a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon?

For the various aesthetic treatments that affect the skin, the dermatologist uses non-surgical treatment methods, including laser and injections. On the other hand, the cosmetic surgeon will mainly resort to a surgical operation to treat his patients.

How does the consultation with a dermatologist / venereologist take place?

Before carrying out a physical examination, during the consultation the dermatologist or venereologist will ask you about the symptoms you have, your lifestyle, your medical, personal and family history.

Based on all this information, your dermatologist will use his knowledge and experience to make his diagnosis. In certain cases, the dermatologist could:
– Either use a dermoscope (a device that will allow him to examine your skin in depth).
– Or take a sample (skin, hair, nail, etc.) in order to analyze it under a microscope and establish the appropriate diagnosis for your case.

After the diagnosis, the dermatologist/venereologist will offer you appropriate treatment and will follow you until you become cured.


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